Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed inside the jaw bone. It is Painless Treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching is the process of removing coloration in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer).

20 Years Tooth Extraction

If the teeth of 20 are not properly aligned, it can also damage other teeth or sometimes the jawbone.


It should be applied in skeletal disorders of teeth and jaw, development problems.


AsMarmaraDent is a private Dentistry Polyclinic that providing entire dental treatment services since 2012 as located outstanding facility in Istanbul, Turkey. Main major aims of AsMarmaraDent Polyclinic are; to ensure our patients requirements and demands as quickly as possible, true diagnosis to solve dental complications, monitoring Global-Local sectoral innovations and acting-being “patient minded”.

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Oral and dental health is an integral part of body health, so oral and dental health is very important not only for proper speaking, eating healthy, having a good smile and refreshing breath, but also for the whole body health.


Prosthetic Teeth

The upper and/or lower partial dentures are designed to fill the gap of missing teeth and allow you to smile without worrying. Partial dentures may not be fixed and can be removed if desired.

Cleaning & Prevention

Gingival problems are mostly caused by plaques that accumulate on and around the tooth. No matter how well you brush your teeth, there may be places that you cannot easily reach between your teeth. Plaques build up and tartar builds up and can eventually cause gum problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have a healthy mouth as well as perfect teeth, sparkling smiles.


Implant treatment is usually done only when the patient is awake, only by numbing the relevant area. Although implant placement is a surgical procedure, placing an implant for most patients is faster and more comfortable than pulling a tooth. Reviews
It is the first of the undisputed systems that brings the best alternative solution to natural teeth today. Implant systems that can imitate the most ideal teeth in terms of function, aesthetics and anatomics have become frequently used.

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It is one of our most important goals to be able to change the uneasiness and prejudices experienced while coming to the dental clinic, as well as creating healthy and stylish smiles, by making treatment plans for our patients, without having a doctor change after starting the treatment, and getting clear results.

We want you to have a healthy and stylish smile, do not afraid to postpone because of misinformation.
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Came in to get my teeth cleaned and cavity filled and I was given the best service. They have TV's so you can watch a movie as you get your teeth worked on which is a nice convenience. The staff is excellent and super friendly. The specialists are truly professionals at their profession. Come check out this place.

Derya Sevgin

Another appointment with Jonathan Rivera. I never really liked dentists, but he's the best I've encountered. He's really gentle and light with his hands, he always makes me feel comfortable. He's the only dentist I trust. He has the best assistants - Martha and Jessica. My visit is not complete unless one of them is around.

Mert Can Ulus